Friday, 22 June 2012

Gamer Luna FTW (Abbreviation for For The World)!

Twilight Sparkle:Chell from Portal 1+2
Pinkie Pie:Ash Ketchum
Fluttershy:That person on that awesome Skyrim statue in various shops that sell games
Applejack:The Main Character in the Cooking Mama series
Rainbow Dash:???
If someone could comment & tell me who Rarity & Rainbow Dash are & what games the characters they are come from I would be thankful ^_^
EDIT:I managed to find the pictures original source.
Rarity is a character called Daniel from a game called Amnesia(Platformer, maybe?) &
Rainbow Dash is a character called Scout from a game called TF2(Not sure what that is, but I have heard of it somewhere before).

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