Friday, 29 June 2012

Music for this half of the battle (Second half):

This was made using SAI & took 53 layers to make.

The full info text would read this:
Team up with Twi & Cadance to defeat the Changeling Queen, Chrysalis!

A few other things I added were:
Transparent green hearts floating around
Faint green lights
A black & white checkerboard floor
A green heart made out of green flames in the background(That looks a lot like Majora's Mask O_O )
Shining Armor in a cage in the background
Twilight has a pink star in the iris of her eye
Cadance & Chrysalis both have a heart in the irises of their eyes(Cadance has a blue one, while Chrysalis has a red one(so it's visible against the rest of her eye.))
Also the pink, sonic-style wolf is a sonic version of me(the reason she has a keyblade is because this takes place in the Kingdom Hearts universe.....& the universe randomly chose her to have it *INSERT PONY SHRUG HERE*

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