Saturday, 7 July 2012

In Minecraft, although I'm in Singleplayer, I keep on hearing someone else moving & building, yet I'm in Creative Mode & on Peaceful. Who or what is it?

Well I have Minecraft now(YAY!).
When I created my new world in it(Titled ' I HAZ MINECRAFT NOW GUIZ' '-_-  ) I spawned ON TOP OF A TREE IN THE JUNGLE XD.

Anyway, I'm currently building my house at night(Please note that I'm on Peaceful & in Creative) & I've been hearing strange noises like someone else is walking around & building!(Please note that I'm also in Singleplayer)

Who or What is it?
Edit:It was just the animals


  1. Did you deal with the squid explosion?
    Why was there a sheep in the tree?

    1. I have no idea how a sheep got in the tree & I just left the squid explosion.